General Conditions vs Supplementary Conditions vs Special Conditions


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    Eugene O'Callaghan

    1. Yes, correct.

    2. I have only come across special conditions as a custom rider/exhibit. It was a commercial TI project where the landlord was funding a percentage of it, and they had their own boilerplate conditions for building ops - not interfering with other tenants, coordinating with the building engineer, using certain freight elevators at certain times etc. As far as I know there is no AIA guidance or form because they are intended to be completely project specific.

    3. To use an analogy to the construction process as a whole - A201 is the legal "design intent", and Div 01 is "means & methods". I agree that it's not a clear separation (I'm sure it's created many billable hours for a lot of construction lawyers!) but that's the underlying concept. The two examples that are front of mind for me are pencil reqs and lien waivers for the payment process. A201 says little if anything about them, but they're very important for timely payments and proper protection for the owner.


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