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    Victoria Adomkaitis

    The way I read the question is that they are asking in which week the plans should be submitted.  If only submitted in the 4th week of January (no matter how early), that still would not provide for a full three (business) weeks as requested in the description.

    I can see why you answered it the way you did because I caught myself at first thinking the same way.  But the plans would need to be in the hands of the municipality before the 4th week of Jan. starts to allow for a true 3 week buffer.

    Just my interpretation though!

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    Derrick Payne Payne

    These exams are written by smart people but in an academia style of language not as if in the real world and so the question is supposed to be simple. I sometimes wonder if the people that assemble the questions actually have real world experience.

    The question requires you to work backwards from date of construction which puts you in February. Having worked in this profession for 30 years I can tell you this never happens as is suggested in the question. Unfortunately you need to dumb down and not rely on your real world experience or you end up putting too much logic into the question.

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