Let's talk about the helpful material honestly--PDD failed at 1st try.



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    Emmanuel Moreno

    Hello Kara, I understand your frustration.

    Do realize that very few people pass any of the exams on the first try. I have taken PDD 6 x in the past 2 years. Lost exams in January, thanks to getting rid of the rolling clock I'm back to just needing PDD. Not exactly a relief...But a Relief none the less. So How Do I feel about the exam...I wish I was done, the last two times I missed it by roughly 5 questions.

    I was in a different coaching group, and though I haven't passed the exam yet, their approach to the exams is very different. I did pass PPD with their help. Because we cannot learn everything and as you said, not any of the study guides have all the information you need, taking the exam is a game of being confident with what you already know and applying it to the questions. You probably already know that the exams are given using Blooms Taxonomy. So when taking the exam, read the question and focus on what you already know about the subject and understand. 

    An example is concrete: What do I know about concrete? Good in Compression poor in Tension. Can span large spans with reinforcement, Good STC bad IRC, fire resistant.....

    Try approaching the exams differently than what we used to back in school where there was a definite abc answer.

    I don't like to advertise, everyone is different and may take something from one study group that you won't get from another. I used Spectacles like you but Architect Exam Prep is the one that I liked and used. Now I just need to pass.

    Best of luck, and feel free to contact me if you wish for more help.

    Emmanuel               emoren23@epcc.edu

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    Michael Ermann

    The limiting factor for most of us is time. We have X hours to study and we should spend the next hour of studying with the source we suspect will get us the most extra test items correct in that hour. If you take Uber from home to the bar, you can take Uber or lift back home…which ever one will come more quickly and drive you more safely, whether or not it’s the same ride service that you used before. This is not political journalism where we need multiple points of view to round out an issue.

    And you are 100% correct that you won’t have as many open ended numerical fill in the blank technical test items as one might think. It’s worth noting, however, that you’ll need to “organize your mind in a mathematical way” for MANY of the questions (as A gets larger, what happens to B?).
    Good luck, Kara…we’re rooting for you.

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