Exam questions too vague



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    Todd Shwayder

    Not enough info here I don't think to help, ie how many stories can it be?  90x90 = 8,100

    Cold climates like cubed buildings to maximize volume and minimize surface area to heat loss, right?  90x90 with 90 height (9 stories)  = 72,900 providing plenty of program space in a cubed shape building.

    Sorry if I am way off since I don't really know the question.

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    Deborah Sandoval-Marte

    I just took this exam, and received a likely fail, for the 4th time!!
    This is the only one I still need to pass. A lot of the questions were indeed too vague and /or having very confusing wording. I don't know what else to study for it.
    I don't know who is vetting this exam division, but I'm seriously questioning it. The questions and exam circumstances do not resemble a lot of what we see in practice. This process does not seem fair at all.
    I do not understand why NCARB uses such confusing wording for already complicated topics.

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