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    Joel Edwards (Edited )

    While it is important to know how each type of elevator works, what’s important to think about in this type of question is, how does each type of elevator affect the overall construction of the building it is going in and who is paying for it. A hole-less elevator does not require a pit which means a simpler (cheaper) foundation and less equipment reducing the initial construction cost. Because a developer is paying for the cost of construction, they are only worried about low construction costs and not about the cost of maintenance for the elevator 10 years later. The owner of the building, who eventually buys it from the developer, will be paying the monthly maintenance cost.

    You will find that many questions on the test are more focused on you understanding the context of what is being asked and how it affects the user of the building.

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    Michael Ermann

    Telescoping holeless hydraulic elevators are a subset of holeless (as are roped holeless hydraulic)….just like roses and carnations are both subsets of flowers…..in this analogy two things can be true at the same time without assuming a conflict….you may be asked a question that is specific (on a subset) or more general (on a category)

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