Upstate NY / Adirondack / Saratoga Springs - Study / Accountability Buddy



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    Rebekka O'Melia

    Hi Keith,

    Out of those exams, you should definitely be starting with PjM.  I wouldn't recommend taking that many exams, that close together, especially if they are retakes, because retakes have even lower pass rates.

    Saratoga is awesome, btw...  Went there for the races this summer for the first time.  I love the shopping/dining there too!  Can't wait to wear the leather jacket I bought there....!

    If you need anything else lmk...  Are there other exam candidates in Saratoga?? 🐎



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    Alejandro Frank

    I am in Buffalo so not super close but not that far either.  Currently studying for my PjM retake.

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