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    Poshya Ahmed

    I am in the same boat, In First round and my first exam failed PCM, then jumped did PJM and passed that, even though I did a different exam, I just felt so much better on my second exam I was much more relaxed and knowing what to expect was very helpful regardless of the result.  for the first exam I spent too much time reading, and almost no time for practice exams, even though I feel so much comfortable confident about the content, also almost understood all the exam content and there was nothing unfamiliar during the exam, but the issue was I focused too much on details for each content, even thought understanding the content was felt amazing while  didn't realize how to analyze my knowledge and apply what I learned in real examples with a short amount of time in the exam, while this caused a fail, this time I did opposite, I  started with practice exams and flash cards, whenever I get a question wrong I go back to those chapters and read again, if I still feel a gap, I try to compare different resources I have, then try to find a video on that area, then go back to the exam and try to find more questions on that subject, that is how I can master my weak points and rise my % correct answers for those areas that I sueally scored lower, I have exam in few weeks too, wishing the best of luck, 

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