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    Rebekka O'Melia

    I haven't seen the video you are referring to....  BUT I will say that storage is not automatically considered S use group.  Let's say you are designing a hotel, obviously, you need large storage areas for linens, laundry, furnishing, etc.  Because the storage areas are necessary they are considered ancillary spaces.  They are not limited in size and need no separation.  

    An accessory use that is NOT necessary is limited to 10% of the floor it occupies.  That would be something like a souvenir shop in the lobby of the hotel.  Larger than 10% and it needs fire separation, and is considered as 2 separate use groups.  

    See IBC 508.2.4 Separation of Occupancies.  There are exceptions for high hazard and I and R uses.

    Hope this helps!

    Rebekka O'Melia, B.Arch, M. Ed, Registered Architect, NCARB, ​​Step Up ARE Coaching​​​


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