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    Gang Chen

    It depends, some test are paid for by contractor, while others are paid for by the owner. See A201, 13.4.1.

    For example, I have seen slump tests paid for by contractor, and I also have seen special inspections required by the structural plans but clearly noted on the plans, the inspectors shall be hired directly by the owner.

    Follow the construction documents.

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (GreenExamEducation.com)

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    David Kaplan


    What I would tell you here is that, in real life practice, there is not a definitive answer.  Gang is correct - some situations the GC pays, others the owner pays. I'm here in Ohio and most building departments want special inspectors to be third-party, meaning hired by the owner and not the contractor.  I also do government where it's the exact opposite - GC hires all.

    Here's the best advice: for the purposes of passing this exam, pay attention the question.  In this instance, the question will definitely say to you "Per A201....." and that right there is your go-to for the answer.  If A201 clearly states (as you've stated, I haven't checked this) that the contractor bears this cost - that's your answer.  All the real life situations go out the window at that point.  The only thing you need to consider for that question is the verbiage in A201.

    Hope that helps.

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