Has Anyone Used Archizam?



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    Pedro Carbajal

    I am using them now. Very pleased with the format and content. Works on desktop or mobile device.

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    Shi Zhang (Edited )

    I have been using it for a few months. Simply speaking of the pros and cons:


    1. It's cheaper than most ARE online practice services. $9 for a week, $19 for a month, and $65 for unlimited access. All subscriptions allow access to all 6 divisions.

    2. The length of the quiz is more flexible. It means a shorter quiz in the evening is possible compared with a full-length exam.


    1. It has no archival system, which means once the result window is closed, you cannot check the past quizzes you took.

    2. The length of the quiz, although flexible, is not set to match the number of questions you will encounter in the actual exam. So probably you still want to use Black Spectacle for the actual simulation before taking the exam. 

    3. The Archizam questions are more tend to get the basics knowledge rather than simulate the actual exam questions, I had this feeling from the PA & PPD sections, which I used the Archizam and took the actual exam.

    Again, you get what you paid for and it is not going to be a perfect tool, but could be a useful tool if using it right.

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