Record Drawings VS As-Builts



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    Kevin Griendling


    Take a look at the AIA B101 Article 4 Supplemental and Additional Services. Item and outline as-designed and as-constructed drawings are supplemental services.

    At the same time, you should look at the AIA A201 to see what the contractor's obligations are as well. In section 3.11 the contractor must maintain record of all changes to the documents on-site and make them accessible to the architect or owner, and shall be delivered to the Architect for submittal to the Owner upon completion of the Work. It does not state that we must DO anything with them.

    So, unless the B101 states we must compile them into a record set, there is no requirement to modify them beyond the contractor's field markings.

    In reality many clients will modify contracts or make this a standard item if not using the AIA contracts, but remember that this exam is testing you on the contracts as they written, not what is typically done in reality.


    Hope this helps,


    Kevin Griendling, AIA 

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    Kirill Ryadchenko (Edited )

    It is still unclear who provides Record Drawings from the AIA contract.

    AHPP on Pg. 1134 states:
    "Record drawings: Construction drawings revised to reflect and represent the actual conditions of the project as it was constructed, usually based on marked-up prints, drawings, and other data furnished by the contractor to the architect. This term is preferable to as-built drawings."

    So since it is revised Construction Drawings based on information furnished by Contractor to Architect everything points to the Architect. It is either Architect provides Record Drawings or nobody. If Architect doesn't prepare Record Drawings there not going to be a Record Drawing on the project. The best next thing to Record Drawings is Contractors' marked-up prints.

    Can Contractor marked-up prints be considered as Record Drawings?

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    Gang Chen (Edited )

    Yes, Contractor’s marked-up prints are Record Drawings. Record Drawings do NOT have to be in CADD format.

    Gang Chen, Author, AIA, LEED AP BD+C (

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