Studying for Architects role for presonstruction services


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    Gregory Brown

    Hi Preeti,

    The CE test for me is really going to be the hardest to pass. I have already failed this test (partly due to not having enough contract background while in a real life office setting), even though I do have several years of CA work within architectural firms - I haven't yet got my license. This is longer story than you're likely interested in. However, I feel the Wiley guides are nice to have, as you might be aware, you're likely to multiply these references by at least X3 times to achieve the necessary background information needed to feel confident in the actual exam. I like the (Ballast 2nd edition, ©2020) pp. 3-1 through 3-21 to be great for Delivery Services. If you have Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice 15th edition (AHPP) -  you're likely to find accurate and useful information about Pre-construction services in the index of this manual. Also, (for free) look at the WBDG, and then complete a search for "pre-construction" ~ this source is edited by industry professionals, and the articles are curated by architectural and construction industry professionals. Hope this helps ~ good luck.

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