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    Gang Chen

    The original question does not have context. This project has not been approved yet, has it gone out for bid yet? If not, then there is no additional cost.

    A normal project will typically goes out for bid after the plans are approved and permit ready.

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (GreenExamEducation.com)

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    Mark Baker

    In most municipalities I work in, the PERMIT is part of the scope of the builder.  Therefore the project would be bid and the builder selected before the PERMIT is issued. 

    This question is really hard to understand as written and without context. 

    However, typically structural is not part of the architect's scope - the architect will hire an outside consultant for structural design.  The architect will hire the structural consultant, but it will be a separate item from the architectural fees.  Additionally, the architect WILL incorporate the implication of the structural design into the architectural drawings.  This comes through in things like columns or beams that need soffits. 

    Mark, Archizam - ARE 5,0 Practice Exams

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