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    Aspen Thorstenson (Edited )

    Hello Yashika,
    I am taking the exams as well, as a mother and working full time among other things. The best thing I can say is to prioritize your exams. If you're in a relationship, have your SO give you time without the kids and make a schedule. My husband keeps the kids and I go to a hotel for a few days before every exam so I have a clear head and can focus. Or have other family help, knowing how important this is.

    I spent 1 hour a day (sometimes a lunch break) and a full day on the weekends. I use a lot of video courses like black spectacles or YouTube videos so it's easy to digest when I'm tired. I find a lot of value trying to coincide my daily work with what I'm learning as well! Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Alison Chen

    For me, one of the best resources for PPD was Architect's Studio Companion. For PDD it was Fundamentals of Building Construction, but since PDD is so broad yet detailed I would try to absorb as many resources as possible. 

    Not sure what your timeline is, but time-wise I tried to get close to 100 hours per exam which, if you study 3 hours a day for a month gets you close. Finding that with everything else going on with work, aiming for 2-3 hours of solid, active learning, especially early morning, is good enough, anything over results in a kind of brain shutoff. 

    My strategy for absorbing the content is to make flashcards and diagrams on every single thing. That way when I am on the go, or have some downtime I can just pop them out and test my knowledge. I am hoping to make mine available to people after I finish my last PDD test so I can let you know! 

    Best of luck!

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    Devina Parbhoo

    I made a YouTube video explaining all of the resources and strategies I used in order to pass this exam in two months. Check it out here

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