cosine law for lighting for PDD (norbert lechter equivalent)?


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    Joseph Petrarca


    You probably don't want to hear this, but you ARE SERIOUSLY overthinking things,  You will not encounter anything on the exam with the degree of specificity that you are thinking about.  You need to understand concepts.  You need a broad understanding of a very broad range of topics. Any formulae you need will be given in the resources.  You should focus on all the basics and stop driving yourself and everyone else crazy.  Even if you do get a very detailed question on he exam, is it worth studying EVERY topic in great detail to get the one point? And you don't even know if it will be in lighting, plumbing, acoustics, structures or HVAC.

    Stick to the basics.  Keep in mind you only need to get a D to pass.  Nobody gives you  prize and nobody knows if you got an A.

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