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    Brendan Clifford

    Right now I have AHPP, ballest, are handbook, ncarb practice exam

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    Amrata Kirpalani

    AHPP will not help AT ALL for PA! 

    You should read some of the books NCARB recommends. especially SPDH and the programming book, but also the actual IBC, Ching's books, etc. 

    • ton of "programmatic questions", to do with spatial organizing. Practicing those can be very helpful 
    • how to read soil boring reports
    • the 4 historic building treatments: preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction - know the differences
    • Net v/s gross (do lots of math problems on this subject) 
    • phasing also fall under this section. 
    • Section 2 of the Architect's Studio Companion "Selecting the Structural System" and Section 4 "Selecting Heating and Cooling systems" is also key...I wouldn't read "sizing the systems" for PA, that's more for PPD....but understanding structural assessments is part of this exam. 
    • Practice Topo maps 
    • Traffic patterns - SPDH is best for this 
    • Parking, especially ADA requirements - SPDH and the 2010 ADA Standards (actually this is available in multiple resources) 
    • Also cost - the second half of Pena's Programming book is good for this. basically feasibility of the project. 
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