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    Brendan Clifford

    Also do you need a fire barrier for areas in the same occupancy that are under phased construction. i.e.: an apartment building being built in two phases.

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    Rebekka O'Melia

    Hi Brendan,

    Fire Wall - creates 2 separate buildings by code.  2+ hr fire rated.  Each wall is a separate structure, free-standing.

    Fire Barrier - vertical or horizontal rated assembly.  These enclose stairs, and separate occupancies.  The extend from structure to structure.

    You are asking generalized questions, which would require more specifics in order to answer.   The # of exits is determined by the # of occupants.  The # of occupants is determined by the construction type, height and area of the building, and use group.  Buildings with occupant loads of 500 or under require 2 exits, but there are exceptions.  It's good that you are analyzing things though.  You should read IBC chapter 5 about determining height and area of the building and chapter 10 about means of egress.  

    Hope this helps!  

    Rebekka O'Melia, R.A., NCARB, B. Arch, M. Ed, NOMA, Step Up ARE

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