IBC table 504.4 number of stories above ground: does this refer to the entire building or the individual occupancy?


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    Christopher Hopstock (Edited )

    Hi Minquan - 

    Happy to help with this one!  If you can either message us on our site or PM me on our community (links to both below) I'd be happy to find the specific question you're having trouble with and make sure the answer explanation is super thorough.

    The scenario you describe - a mixed-use building with ground floor retail separated from apartments above, is governed by IBC section 508.4.  508.4.3 says that 'each separated occupancy shall comply with the building height limitations...of Section 503.1'...which ultimately leads you to table 504.3.  Note that this table is titled 'Allowable Building Height in Feet above Grade Plane'.  

    In your scenario, if the commercial ground floor is 12' above the grade plane and table 504.3 says that your residential use has a maximum height above the grade plane of, for example, 65', that means that the residential portion is limited to 53' (65'-12').

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