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    Zhenjun Zhao

    Hey Brendan,

    For PPD I used Elif ARE questions and it was super good! For sure it's a lifesaver, I would highly recommend it!

    I also used AmberBook which it's good too! 



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    Olivia Roha

    Hi Brendan,

    AHPP is a wonderful resource but is more applicable to the professional practice exams.

    For books, I'd recommend architects studio companion, MEEB.

    If you're looking for more structure, I'd highly recommend the following. I use all 3 of these programs and they are endlessly beneficial.
    - Young Architect Academy (bootcamp is pricey, but it's an incredible community with a solid syllabus and priceless study groups. Helps your mental health more than anything!)
    - Amber Book (probably the best resource out there)
    - Hyperfine (cheap alternative to the two above. Self-guided weekly assignments that require you to look up the information yourself)

    Mix up your study materials, no one source is enough for these exams! You got this!!

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