Residential Multifamily Building and Max Floor Area Ratio



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    Hello Joel,

    This item has been brought to our attention on a separate thread and was flagged for review and revisions by our item writing architect volunteers. The primary issue revolves around the definition of FAR and it being calculated for the overall lot versus the allowable foot print after setbacks. Please see the post below for further context.

    NCARB Practice Exam - FAR

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    Roman Buha

    Hi Joel,

    This question contains the "floor area ratio" (FAR) of 4.0 - which adds confusion to it.
    Because if FAR is 4.0 - then the maximum square footage for the building will be: 
    Total area of the site (regardless of setbacks) X 4.0 = 11,400 sf X 4.0 = 45,600 sf.

    Therefore three proposed options are incorrect.

    Thankfully NCARB recognized it (see their comment above) and hopefully this question will be replaced with another one in the future.

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