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    Cindy Maleike

    Hi Brendan, I also took PA back in November and did not pass. I used Ballast and BlackSpectacles and read Site Planning and Design Handbook. When I took the exam I felt I was not prepared for it.  I'm preparing to retake it in a few weeks but this time I'm using the Hyperfine Architecture course for PA and I'm finding it useful in helping me understand and retain more about the concepts that we should be familiar with. Instead of being practice tests or quizzes, HA are assignments that you would need to work on, and they give you references to read or watch (in YouTube) so that you can complete the assignments. Some of the references are free and some are books from the NCARB Handbook matrix or other paid platforms. They offer free questions to try it out before you buy into it. I also came across study sessions from a AIA Chapter in California for PA and those, too, have helped me understand better some concepts. Here's the link to the first video I watched from them:

    Good luck with your studies and retake!

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    Cody Zimmerman

    Hi Brendan. I took PA recently and passed after the second attempt. Check out my post below. I found AHPP was not very helpful with this division. I would drop that one and focus on other resources. Ballast however was great!

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