NCARB Practice Exam Question 31


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    Michelle Lowrance

    This question confused me too. The explanation NCARB provided to the question was:

    "In open proprietary specifications with requested alternates, the architect can list Manufacturer B and Manufacturer C as alternates. Bidders will include both base bids and prices for each alternate product. The architect can then decide if installing Manufacturer B's or Manufacturer C's product will result in significant savings. No other substitution is allowed." 

    I guess the hint is when the question says the spec will be an 'open proprietary specification', meaning the specific specialty equipment that is base bid/preferred is listed in the spec, but the other two specialty equipment options the Owner provides will be listed as alternates in the spec.  So on bid day, there are prices for all three, and the Owner can change to the other options if there is a significant cost savings, but the preferred one is listed as base bid. Maybe that helps? 

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