Exam Tab Frozen Issue Update.



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    Brigida Capicotto

    This is so unfortunate to hear, especially because PSI claimed that this issue was a fault of NCARB since they do not allow PSI full access to their system (which is why they were unable to troubleshoot). PSI tech support noted that they don’t generally know much about NCARB tests. I cannot understand why NCARB would switch from Prometric before completely reviewing the possible problems with PSI and then leave us to fail incorrectly.

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    Brian West

    Same problem, I'm losing time and Money and not sure what I can do about it. I went to take the PA exam today and started with the Case study and the tabs froze up 8 minutes into the test.

    NCARB and PSI have all the power to argue and throw blame back and forth which does nothing for the test taker and so then to make things worse the test administrators don't have any power top help you when there the ones with you in the moment of the problem.

    Thank god I took the last week off working to study..NNNNNOOOOOOTTTT!!!!

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