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    Hi Manuel and Yuan,

    Please reach out to our Customer Relations team, if you haven't already, and report your issues so we can work with PSI to ensure this doesn't happen in the future. NCARB's Customer Relations team will also be able to provide additional support on your technical issues.

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    Brian West


    First of all Thankyou for your story.

    Today I had the same issue! but also noticed the same problem when taking a recent practice exam. I typically will do the case study questions first when taking the actual exam so right at the beginning of the test this occured- I think it could be linked to using the highlighter tool but who knows. The administrator at the test center called PSI and PSI told her the exact same thing! "that this is a common issue". And to your point the administrator said exactly what you said- "why is PSI allowing people to take exams if they have unresolved technical issues". I rest my case.-Why the freak indeed!

    I just lost a week of my freaking time and money prepping for this exam- think I'll get reimbursed for that?! Heck to the Freak No!!

    If NCARB/PSI does right by you, First they should give you the time needed to finish out the case studies by themselves at least an hour and not force you to retake the entire test. Second, they should compensate you/us for our lost time(which they won't) or at least the study refresh time we will need prior to the retake. AND/OR give the administrators more power and let them completely reset parts of the exams and clock so you and I can finish the exam when we're there. Or give the administrators the capability of printing the test and giving us a calculator. We study a tremendous amount and may not be able to schedule the test again for weeks.

    There really needs to be more assurances from the test makers for when they fail us.

    The testing process bothers me to begin with, the length of the test in contrast to the amount of time needed to get through case studies etc. is not nearly long enough- especially since the case studies are typically more involved on the actual exam then the practice tests- not by a little but by a lot-it's daunting and frustrating. On top of that, we can't write with our hands on scratch paper- and you know what there's NO valid reason why NCARB can't figure out a way to allow scratch paper. 

    I'm sick of it! I didn't get a Masters and go through internship to put up with this stuff!

    They'll be hearing from me too! But I won't get my hopes up

    Brian West

    Go Bulls!

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