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    Kurt Fanderclai (Edited )

    Chelsea -- Congrats on the pass!  Sounds like you got your study approach on track.  

    Reading the associated posts -- nice -- that's the way to do it.  That was huge for me on all 6 exams.

    I'll give you my opinion -- the 2.5 to 3 weeks should be just fine.  You've already had to study contracts -- CE adds the A101 to that, plus the little ones like pay apps and change orders.  I'd study the heck out of those.  Know how to use and interpret the little ones like the listed G series forms.

    Also, this was one place where some third-party materials were useful -- specifically, I had an old 4.0 Ballast book with the practice exams included -- this was a great review. 

    The CSI is listed -- I read it, and really don't think it helped me much if at all.  Since you've already "enjoyed" the AHPP, the CSI is largely repetition.

    Oh, on the AGS -- probably a good skim through -- if you have construction site experience, that helps, too.  As I recall, these sorts of questions were in the minority.


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    Chelsea Hoffman

    Thanks Kurt!

    Yes, all of the posts have been super helpful! I've been trying to glean as much I can from you and some of the other early test takers; I definitely appreciate the insight. I haven't made it to the some of the other topics yet, so I've lost track of where you are in the process. Have you finished?

    Your opinion sounds reasonable and manageable. I was hoping this would be the case. I'll definitely spend most time on the contracts - I feel like every single post stressed them. I have access to the 4.0 Ballast and Kaplan material at my firm, so I'll definitely take advantage of that. I saw one of your older posts on the CSI and decided I mostly likely wasn't going to get into that too much.

    My experience is mostly with retail architecture, so more so interior fit-outs than ground-up construction...still hoping it'll be beneficial.


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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hi Chelsea,

    Yep, CE is indeed pretty much contracts, contacts, contracts!

    I am done -- thanks for asking.  Finished two weeks ago.



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