Transitioning IF I fail a 4.0 exam



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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Yadira,

    You can transition as soon as you get your results for SPD. After you transition, you can immediately begin testing in ARE 5.0.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yadira DeSantis (Edited )

    Nick NCARB - Thanks for the confirmation!

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    Namrata Dani

    Hey Yadira,

    In my opinion, DO NOT transition to 5.0 PA exam. The Programming and Analysis exam is notorious for not having enough time to complete the exam. Add to that new exam format, case studies references reading (tooo much reading) and just new clicky (click here, point there, drag and drop) questions throw your timing wayy off.

    On top of that, it's really strange that the PA exam is heavy on Programming items, so you'll have to study for PPP all over again. It doesn't do justice to being an equivalent exam to  4.0 Site Planning. 


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    Yadira DeSantis

    Well thankfully I pased my retake of SPD (found out this morning) so now I can transition to 5.0 and take PPD and PDD without doubling up on content. Thanks all!

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hey, Yadira -- Congratulations!

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