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    Anthony Roxas

    check the handbook and practice exam, it shows what's available to you during the tests. 

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    Michele Strassheim

    Hi Matt.  I did not read Ballast or Kaplan or any other book for that matter for the structures portion of the exam.  I HIGHLY...HIGHLY...HIGHLY (did I say highly?) recommend taking the online seminar offered by David Thaddeus, who is a structures professor at UNC.  It's $325 and worth every penny!!!  A friend recommended it.  She described it as a structures boot camp.  Boy was she right!  I took PPD last month and passed on the first try.  I am re-taking PDD next month.  This course is all you will need for the structures portion of the exam.  FYI, it takes a couple weeks to get through all of the videos (if you work full time and study at night and on the weekends).  You have access to the online "At Your Pace" seminars for 8 weeks.

    Also another tip...in the seminar David recommends focusing on the CONCEPTS and not getting too overwhelmed by the nitty gritty.  After taking PDD (which I failed) and taking PPD (which I passed), I would say that is accurate.  If you understand the material you will do fine.  There isn't much you need to memorize.  David gives some tips on which formulas he recommends you memorize.  So far in my experience he has been dead on.

    Yes, I also HIGHLY recommend you go through Building Construction Illustrated cover to cover.

    Good Luck!  If you have any other questions, I'm happy to help if I can.  If all goes well, next month will be my last exam.  I'm beginning to feel well "seasoned" when it comes to taking the ARE.

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