Recommended order of exams?



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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hi Jenna -- Congratulations on the PcM pass.

    I recently completed 6 for 6 in 5.0 -- I did the 3 business exams, then PA, then PPD/P-Diddy.  It worked well for me, and I think it made some logical sense -- PA is like a transition into the two big dog exams.

    As for CE -- I've also read some accounts of candidates failing CE for various reasons -- but I think the overlap between PjM, PcM, and CE would make me vote for CE, then PA.

    Good Luck!


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    Jenna Wandishin

    Yes, helpful! Thank you!

    Congratulations on your ARE completion.

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    Rafael Enriquez

    I agree with Kurt. CE first. PA is a different animal than the contract document tests (PCM-PjM-CE). Plus at this point you already know well the few contract documents that are referenced in CE and will be progressing on topics very broadly addressed within CE in more detail on the remaining exams.

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    William May

    So if I read correctly the consensus is?:







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    Kevin Riley

    All, I just finished taking PA, PPD, and PDD. I was thinking of taking CE next, but after reviewing the 5.0 Handbook there seems to be a lot of content from PcM and PjM on CE. Do people recommend I take CE next OR should I jump to PcM and PjM and save CE for last? Thanks! 

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