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    Sara Du (Edited )

    As I'm following up on this months later than your post, you've likely already passed PA (fingers crossed & knock on wood). But for the sake of future readers, here's my two cents: 


    For context: I took PA in December and failed -- my first exam. I used Ballast study book/practice problems/ practice exam, Brightwood, and designer hacks.While I felt prepared going into the exam, I felt totally blind-sided. In my second attempt at PA, I'm adding in more of the books NCARB recommends. 

    You may notice that Sun, Wind, and Light is not included in NCARB's recommended readings, though it does get referenced in the footnotes of some practice problems. There's a thread where NCARB and fellow test-takers talk about this. Ryan from NCARB explains that while SW&L has useful content, it had been determined that it does not have enough content to be a recommended PA reading. I'd have to agree with Ryan/NCARB's assessment that it's not the best pairing for PA -- goes deeper and includes more topics than what I've seen in PA. And yet, I also recommend paging through Sun, Wind, and Light after you've studied other sources; this way you'll have a better idea of what you're looking for in terms of test-relevant content. 

    I went through the book last night and flagged what I think is "PA relevant". Here are some pages I flagged (and this is coming out of the Sun Wind and Light Second Edition): 

    pages 4 - 9, 17 - 24, 56, 88 - 90, 103, 140, 184, 220, 230, 268

    Good content beyond these sections, of course. But these are the areas that I myself will be incorporating into my studying for round two. 


    I would also refer anyone to this post about useful sections to study in the recommended books:


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    Alicia Liebel

    Could you share what the content areas are? I have the third edition and these pages do not align with this version, unfortunately. I’ve even tried finding table of contents online.

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    Sogol Alesafar


    I have the 3rd edition as well. Can you please give us the topics on the pages you mentioned for 2nd edition? I'd appreciate your response.



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    Catherine Stevens (Edited )

    I know this is an older thread, but it here are the topics for anyone reading this now. Sun, Wind & Light 2nd Edition:

    Pages 4 - 9: Sundial & Sun Path Diagram

    17 - 24: Air Movement Principles & Site Microclimates

    56: Earth Contact

    88 - 90: Topographic Microclimates & Solar Envelopes

    103: Balanced Urban Patterns

    140: Locating Outdoor Rooms Based on Microclimate

    184: Cross Ventilation (Wing Wall Design Strategies)

    220: Exterior Surface Color

    230:Thermal Mass

    268: External Shading (Shade Tree Selection Criteria)


    Best of Luck!

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