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    Nick NCARB (Edited )

    Hey Leonel,

    Justin is correct, the ARE 5.0 Handbook was updated in August which moved the AIA Contract references to page 182. Page 175 also lists the contract names and abbreviation for each. It is important to always check the latest version of the Handbook on our website. I apologize for the confusion. 

    Hope this helps!

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    Justin Pelland


    One of the pinned posts on the forum notified everyone that the ARE 5.0 Handbook had been updated. See the linked post from August. Given that the post you cited is from May 2017, it's possible that Nick's response was based on the earlier edition of the ARE 5.0 Handbook. 

    Please remember that the ARE 5.0 Community is intended as a gathering space for ARE Candidates and is supposed to be a positive and supportive environment for everyone. Please don't take your frustrations out on users or NCARB staff. As you've probably learned by studying the AIA Contracts and the Standard of Care, no one is perfect and no one should be expected to be perfect.

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    Leonel Barragan (Edited )


    No one is taking "frustrations out on users or NCARB staff" as you stated instead you seem to use your so called "expertise" to judge anyone posting definite statements about how inaccurate and unfair many of the matters related to NCARB are regarding transition, texting, scheduling, fees, information, etc.  To me your reply sounds like an "or else" response which I do not find either friendly or professional.

    If you are not willing to listen to those of us grueling paying our way through your system please don't post or reply to any comments including mine. Also let "NICK NCARB" know to get his/her facts straight and/or to post updates to his/her "outdated" replies.

    I am not the only one expressing discontent and letting you know of your general disregard for the "rest of us" so WHY are you  isolating your judgement and response to me alone?

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