Study Group: Los Angeles



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    Nitin Narang

    Hi Thomas

    i am interesred.

    my email I'd is

    it would be great if you can send your contact number and best time to speak and we can chat about possibility to have a study group.



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    Nadera Bahou

    Hi Thomas,

    I am also interested in in the study group.

    Please feel free to contact me on my email:

    Thank you,


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    Fernando Mingo Jozami

    Hi Guys,


    Anybody interested in studying PcM or PjM? I am close to Pasadena. I got the AHPP, contracts, and a couple of good summaries I assembled to organize the information.

    Looking forward to tackle these tests as a team. Studying alone is boring.


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    Helya Haji Taheri

    Hi All,

    Please add my email address for this group. I am about to start reading for exams and I would love to start as a group. I may not be able to attend as much, but still would be great to stay in email's loop and catch up with the team. I am north of Glendale as well and also close to Pasadena.


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    Jose Magana

    Hello Everyone


    This is Jose Magaña and I would like to join a study group, I live in Downey and I am willing to drive.  My contact info is Best wishes to you all.

    thank you

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    Yohai Ben David

    Anyone wants to start a study group for PA ?
    I live in Culver City.
    Email me if you are interested.


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    xixiao zhang


    I am studying PcM, PjM and CE together and I live in Korean Town.

    Can you add my email address?

  • Hi,

    Anyone in West LA area? weekend works best for me.

    Thank you

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