ARE 5.0 Exam Issue Today 11/29/2017




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    Michael Riscica

    Candidates are still having issues with the software in the testing center every single day...

    What are NCARB's plans to debug the software that is being used to administer the exam???? 

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    Amber Ritter

    I took the PPD yesterday and with 15min left my computer crashed. When they moved me to another the clock was at 10min when it logged back in. I was already behind so wven if i got the 5min back i was still screwed. The girl behind me had a crash at the same time. There was lag inbetween each question and the case study references wouldn't load until i went to next question and go back to it. It was the "loading" message that was the most frustrating. Couple things that could help was to have these printed out or have the pages of the references bookmarked or given a page # for each section- or even have a separate monitor or tablet with the referenced material. Plus none of the references fit on the screen so it took time to zoom and scroll- rather than pan thru. There needs to be more time allotted. 2min per question is unreasonable given the lag time. I've been working in this field for 20yrs and still felt like a moron who couldn't even scroll & zoom quick enough. :(

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