Scheduling PcM and PjM Exams


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    Erica Spayd

    Hi Kelly,

    I studied for both at the same time and tested 3 days apart - a Saturday, and then a Tuesday. I took PcM first, and spent the time in between dialing in on the contract document A101, as it wasn't part of PcM but was a big part of PjM. My study strategy was to otherwise cover all material for both in advance of PcM. Based on that, I'd say something between 3-7 days apart feels about right.

    And, for what it's worth, I took CE about a week after PjM. The contract stuff comes up again in that exam, and I felt that my work experience had me pretty well covered for the content related to construction observation, so I went for it. I was an early tester, so there was no risk for me in taking that approach (free retake if I failed), but I ended up passing. I wouldn't recommend this approach unless you either a.) have a lot of construction observation experience, or b.) have studied for and passed PDD, as the content for this exam would prepare you well to take on the construction observation questions of CE.

    Best of luck!

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