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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hey Jamal -- 

    I just passed PPD and will take PDD next, so I'm not the expert.  However, this has been discussed quite a bit on the forum, and I believe the outcome has been a resounding "doesn't matter".  A few have stated a preference, but they typically contradict each other!

    Seems like the best advice I've heard has been to study for both simultaneously, and then take the exams a couple weeks apart.  I'm more or less doing that.   


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    Andre De Mattos

    Hey Jamal - How was your experience? This is quite an old post so hopefully I will get a response.... 

    Hey Kurt how was PDD? 

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    Luke Durkin (Edited )

    I passed 3 in 4.0 then just passed PDD.  Yet to take PPD.  What I did was go through the ARE handbook sample questions.  I got more right in PDD so I went for that first.  

    If you haven't seen, PPD is more about the selection of systems while PDD is sizing of systems.  Now that I'm studying for PPD it seems like I've gone from the detailed/advanced level to the general/basic level.  That's nice because it feels like I already know a lot of this.  But there are advantages to going from general to detail as well.

    PPD seems like it relates more to the SPD and PPP tests.

    Sorry, I don't have much better advice.  

    A general tip for PDD and prob PPD.  Start by reviewing the references provided during the test.  This way you know what is covered, what you don't have to memorize/learn.  (I wasted some time learning & memorizing structural stuff, that's provided on the exam)

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