PcM Exam Fail



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    Lorenzo Franchina

    Charlotte, don't let this get you down...just keep going and focus on your next exam, you'll get this one second time around. Like you, I have gone through the recommended materials and feel like I read and read and when it comes time to take any type of practice exams, they just don't align with the actual exams themselves. I started in 4.0 and transitioned to 5.0 after failing a couple of exams a few years ago, took a break and now I am back at it. I have personally spent hundreds on materials, and my office has been a great help as well, but I would just like to see something to put what I am reading and learning to a real test, and nothing out there cuts it. Doing Designer Hacks, Ballast and the many other practice exams and problems I have purchased eventually become a game of  'let's see how many times I can take this practice exam in a week and know the answers without even reading through the whole question because I have done it some many times and know it inside out and backwards!' 

    So, I recently joined a study group and I feel like this could be a great help with broadening my study habits and knowledge base. There are a lot of people that were in the same boat and have gone on to pass all the exams and I am sure they will all say the same thing; keep going and don't lose sight of your goal. Good luck and consider this a learning experience!

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    Randall Hunter

    Hi Charlotte, 

    I know how you feel putting in all of that hard work studying and not getting the pass but keep your head up it will happen to the majority of us at least once. One thing that you did not mention(but maybe you just forgot?) was the studying of the contracts themselves. The schiff hardin lectures are an excellent resource but if you do not have firm grasp on the contracts yourself, listening to lectures about them can become laborious. Knowing the contracts really well, and which party is responsible for what and when will surely get you through a sizable portion of the exam.

    On third party materials, I only used ballast probably the last 2 days or so before my exam. I quickly read the manual and did the practice exam and questions once being sure to go through the answer explanations. I wouldn't call the new Ballast material anything more than review. The flashcards that come with it are....useless IMO. They aren't even flash cards. Just snippets of the text from the manual essentially.

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    Charlotte Nienhaus

    Thank you for the advice and encouragement. I think knowing where I stand now is helpful and will help me refocus.

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