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    charles vanwormer (Edited )

    I too failed PDD, after passing all the others in a row. Very frusterated as I read Kaplan 5.0 front to back, building codes illustrated for the most part and have lots of construction experience. I will use your advice for the next go around. I found PDD to be the most obsceure, tricky test yet.

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    Ashley Doucet Congemi (Edited )

    I took the PDD today, and hopefully my final test, result to follow this evening.  neeeerve racking!I have passed the last 5 test with no fails in 5.0 (4.0 a different story), but this test has me worried.This was a very ambiguous test, especially compared to the PPI study guide.I was focusing more of my studying on the structures aspect, but the test focused more on materials and details.I have 14 years of architectural work under my belt, I feel like I have a good handle on details, processes and the overall understanding of the industry, and yet this test, tested me. I understand that all the test are different and shift, so maybe I was handed a tricky one.

    Best of studying to you all,


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