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    Allie Povall

    Ok, a little more.  But it really is all about contracts. All in all this test was pretty simple.  I used Ballast 5.0 and felt like it was actually a pretty good jumping off place.  I did the practice exams and practice problems too and there was some native material in those too.  I studied the contracts again, and again, and again.


    • You need to really understand them inside and out.  And you need to understand how to apply them.
    • Focus on A201 in particular.
    • You need to understand roles and responsibilities and liabilities.
    • Try and learn as much of the 3 day this, 7 day that time lines, but don't focus too much on them.  I made the decision to at the very least understand which obligations HAD timelines associated with them even if I couldn't remember the exact timelines every time.
    •  Know contractual obligations between all parties and what happens when they break down.
    • You need to understand project closeout very well.


    • There is a good bit of PMngmnt in the CA phase.
    • Understand pay apps and additional services beyond contractual language - understand how to actually do the processes like reviewing pay apps, add. services, etc.
    • You need to understand the submittal processes.  And not like how most firms do it that have ongoing relationships with contractors and owners, but in very strict terms.  Which is good to understand I suppose - to know the rules before you decide to bend them.
    • There is a little bit of construction technology in there too.  Geared towards understanding what to look for on a site.
    • Also a very little bit of code.
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    Edward Bilek

    Thanks Allie and Congratulations!

    I passed PcM and take PjM next week and plan on taking C&E soon after that. 

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Wow, Allie -- CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Sean Ragudo (Edited )


    Took CE yesterday and your comment above is SOLID GOLD.  One thing I would add is knowing instructions to bidders.  My test felt super heavy on that section.  Additionally, did anyone else have tons of review time?  I had answered my first round of all questions with an hour left to review.  Maybe I missed something... time will tell.

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    ciro podany


    I agree with Sean. Amazing post - just hand wrote it all into my study journal, & starting my CE prep now.  Really appreciate your general guidance for what to know. 

    Thank you!


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