ARE 5.0 technical problems and/or Prometric Old Facilities - significant delays between questions



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    Erica Spayd

    I tested twice at Penn Plaza and didn't experience any noticeable lag issues. I also don't really watch the clock (it stresses me out), and I make a note on my scratch paper after almost every question (I make notes on any question I flag so I know how to prioritize when I go back through, and I like to tally no brainer and WTF questions to get a gauge on how I feel I did at the end). I do glance at the clock every 10 or so questions to see how I am for time, but then I quickly glance away to make my notes, and by the time I look back up the next question is loaded. So anyway, not to say the lag issue isn't there, but for me it wasn't excessive, or even noticeable.

    I agree with you on the zooming - the 300% thing is a bit annoying. I grew accustomed to it by the end, and I can't say it negatively effected me, but it was a little irritating nonetheless.

    As for adding time, NCARB has stated in another thread that the majority of people finish with time still on the clock, so the issue doesn't seem to be big enough to warrant that. Would be great if they fixed the zoom though.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Xin Qi Fan

    Your experience sounded like my experience at the Brooklyn test center; there were a few annoying things, but kind of just sucked it up.  The lag was long enough yesterday that I thought I should actually take note on what was happening, was it long enough to actually warrant a complain? or how long was actually the lag if I were to talk about it. 

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Xin Qi Fan:

    If you really believe NCARB has wronged you, then you should pursue the matter, but I'm not getting from your posts that you are really sure that you are in that category.


    Other than those poor unfortunate few candidates who've experienced "game over" computer crashes, the rest of us are all in pretty much the same boat as you.  Most of us have experienced all of the things you've mentioned, plus a few more.

    So, the question is, what to do about it?  Do you attempt to get NCARB to change the exam via different software upgrades,  or through extending exam times, or through some other suggested exam improvement?  You could, and I will wish you the very best of luck in your quest to straighten out The Man.

    Your other option is to change your approach.  An example of this method is exactly what Erica is describing in her response to you; she has outlined her method of dealing with the exam as it has been presented to her.  (Also note that Erica took and passed all six in a short amount of time.)

    Practicality often best outweighs all other distractions, and it's good to recognize times when that is the case.  



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    Xin Qi Fan (Edited )


    Thanks for commenting.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to take down the giant for the good of humanity.  I was just curious and see how other people are doing. I have my little method working for me.

    Not a frequent visitor, but I browsed around here, and it seems like other candidates have problems with PDD, too. It's very image heavy.  It's more or less a crapshoot.  Mercury is no longer in retrograde, I thought I would have better luck with electronics.  Well, the lag was long enough for a few times for me to look around while I waited and tried to decide if I need/should call someone exam, I'll doodle on my sketch paper. Or take a smoke break at my seat.


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    Ryan NCARB

    Xin Qi Fan,

    As we have outlined many many times, if you feel you are having an issue in the test center effecting your administration, then you should notify the test center administrator and contact NCARB Customer Service following your administration.  I don't actually recommend just doodling to pass the time.  And we all know that smoking kills, so I'd pass on that one too.

    ARE 5.0 Guidelines page 17

    Contact Us

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Xin Qi Fan,

    Wow! -- 2 to 3 seconds -- then up to 5 seconds -- now you're kicked back smoking?  Your case sounds solid.  

    So anyway, you missed my point.  I wasn't suggesting that you actually take the time to try to change NCARB.  I'm suggesting something more practical.  I'd recommend that you get a little more proactive -- read all of the forum posts both for the exam you're taking next, and also the General forum posts.  Ask questions, participate, dig into the material with others going the exact same thing.  No need to reinvent the wheel, or to be surprised be the fact that there is a wheel.

    Seriously, let me know if I can help.  Others here will gladly do the same. 

    Good luck with your exams.




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    Xin Qi Fan (Edited )

    Ryan, Yup, already did that. When i was signing out after exam, talked to people at the test center, the lady signed me out said she'll make a note. And after I got home, I also contacted NCARB (got auto reply said they got my email, still waiting to hear back).

    Kurt, Diddo, and who do we all have as friends, other architects. It's like unlimited amount of information out there, almost too much.  My office is big enough that, over the years, we collected almost all the study materials out there under the sun (saved me so much money). Not surprised, just want to know how other's feel about it.  We are the first wave who are taking the 5.0, good to leave more trails, and as others jump on the 5.0 bandwagon, they can see what are some of the reoccurring themes.  

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