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    Timothy Magner


    We're much pickier than a contractor and notice/object to things that they may find acceptable.

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    Kurt Fanderclai (Edited )

    The answer is CONTRACTOR, per AIA 201, 9.8.2.

    The Architect may end up doing the list as part of local custom -- but a list of work not yet completed is the Contractor's responsibility as part of the Substantial Completion process. 

    Always note that many things happen day-to-day in many offices that are not correct per the contracts.

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    Lauren Toribio (Edited )

    Agree with Kurt. The contractor prepares the punch list. Read the A201-2007 commentary for Section 9.8.2, which actually says "punch list" when referring to the "comprehensive list".

    In reality, the Architect usually creates the punch list, but for the exam, you should follow what the A201 says.

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    Thanks guys for the response

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    But that means the are 5.0 handbook needs to be updated

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    Matthew Harris (Edited )

    For the record, the ARE 5.0 Handbook does outline that the Contractor is responsible for preparing a punch list per the A201. Refer to PjM sample item 6.

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Oluwasesan, which question or reference are you looking at in the 5.0 Handbook?

    "But that means the are 5.0 handbook needs to be updated"


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    Not in the construction evaluation sample question. It states the architect prepared the punch list. But says it is the contractor in the test questions.

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    Matthew Harris

    I see where the confusion is coming from. Oluwasesan is referencing question 7 in the CE portion.

    "The contractor notified the architect that the project was ready for substantial completion. The architect inspected the work and prepared the following list of incomplete work. Click in the box next to the item in the punch list below that must be completed before the architect can issue the certificate of substantial completion."

    This could go many ways, but the way I see it is that the contractor creates the punch list per the A201. The architect will then visit the site, and potentially add or remove items from the list in the process of performing the punch walk.

    NCARB, care to weigh in?  

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    I was referring example 51.1 under project close out page 51-3 I. The ARE 5 review manual. The question states "The punchlist is created and maintained by the.
    A. Architect
    B. Authority having jurisdiction
    C contractor
    D owner
    The punch list is a list of items still needing completion. It is created and maintained by the architect.

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    Ryan NCARB

    Hey everyone...I'll weigh in on two things here.  (Great discussion, btw!)

    Oluwasesan, the 51.1 question you are asking about is not ours.  That must be from a third party provider, which we have no control over their accuracy.

    However, the question 7 in the CE sample items of the ARE 5.0 Handbook IS ours.  That question is not about who provides the punch list, but about what incomplete item is required to be finished before a building is safe for substantial completion.  Very different things.  Always be sure to distill questions down to what is being asked.  That is part of the Analyze and Evaluate assessment.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ahmad Al Shurafa

    I was reviewing the same question that OA was referring to, from the ballast review book and was astonished by the author's answer. 

    My understanding is that the contractor prepares the initial punch list which eventually gets modified by the architect.

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    Luke Petrocelli

    When in doubt, listen to the omniscient Kurt. As per A201 (and lack of this provision in B201), punch-lists are created by the CONTRACTOR.

    Architects making punch-lists is just bad practice. They review and contribute their input, but do not generate them.


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    Pelin Ozgul

    I agree with everyone that A201 reference is valid and supersedes other resources. Note to NCARB, the question is not asking who provides the list but on the contrary states that architect provides it. The question clearly states that “The architect... prepared the following list of incomplete work. Click in the box.... in the punch list below.” Hence the question, and NCARB, by default implies that the “following list,” which is clarified in the following sentencr as “the punch list below” is THE punch list and provides that this list is prepared by the architect. I would recommend a revision to the Guide to avoid misinterpretation. Please kindly advise.

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