Just took PDD a couple days ago. Had Computer issues



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    Ryan NCARB (Edited )

    Hey Bruno,

    I know computer issues can be frustrating...either on deadline for work or when taking an exam.  You have done the correct thing in notifying Prometric while still at the test center and then emailing NCARB Customer Service.  They will investigate the issue and get back to you.  Exams are scored automatically even if there are technical issues.  Any score adjustments or retakes must be remedied after the fact.

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    Kyle Cianchetta

    I'm testing PDD on Sunday and I hope I don't have those issues. I experienced a little lag on PPD but it wasn't that bad. How many questions did you leave unanswered?

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    I didn't even get to do half of the first case studies. Good luck on your exam.

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    Thank you Ryan. I'm definitely looking forward to a positive resolution.

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