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    Michelle NCARB

    Hi all -

    Aaron, thanks for linking the discussion about this on another thread.  Your understanding is correct, but I'll tweak your wording slightly.  Don't think about it as "passing a section" as well as passing the division.  The only thing you need to pass is the division.  The descriptive feedback for each section (content area) is a guide to help you prepare to retest.

    Brian, answering your original question - no, you do not need Level 2 or above in every content area in order to pass.  You just need to get enough items correct across the whole division.  Construction Cost Estimates makes up a very small portion of PDD, so Aaron is correct that you could perform terribly there but still pass if you performed really well in other content areas.  Conversely, if you performed poorly in Construction Documentation, you probably wouldn't pass no matter how well you performed elsewhere because that's such a big portion of the division.  Does that make sense?

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    Carly DuBrey

    Good question. I was wondering the same thing, since that's the little bit of feedback we actually get..

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    Aaron Perelstein


    I'm sure someone from NCARB will answer better than I can, but from what I have read - the phrase you quoted is correct. Michelle went into some scenarios in this thread. ( My understanding is you do not have to pass all sections to pass the division. My guess is it all depends on your test version (as the sections have varying percentages) and how you scored other sections. In your example, I believe if you aced the whole test and bombed Construction Cost Estimating - you would pass as the percentage is relatively small. 

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