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    Kurt Fanderclai

    An enviable position!  Well played -- congratulations!

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    Meredith Guy (Edited )

    Good for you!  I'm jealous- I have to retake PDD (it was my last exam).  Do you mind if I asked what study materials you used?

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    Kelly Chiu

    Me too, done with exams, except for the California Supplemental... time to buy a nice watch to celebrate the occasion.    

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    Emily Warren

    Could you both share your study focuses?! 

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    Kelly Chiu (Edited )



    I used the Ballast book and studied the chapters that overlapped (project documention, construction administration planning, etc.).  I did not study structures heavily because the number of potential questions on the exam versus the amount of studying did not seem like the best strategery (as an ex-president would say).

    Surprisingly this was the one test that I was kinda pressed for time so I would recommend skipping questions that you do not know the answers right away and circling back.  The case study was pretty hard on this one because some questions were unclear and you had to guess the answer or use the answer that sucked the least.     

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    Meredith Guy

    I also was pressed for time.  I didn't anticipate that, because I didn't have any time issues on PPD - but I'll know next time!  Thanks for sharing your experience.  

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