My thoughts on PDD



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    Meredith Guy

    Thank you!   This will be my 5th one as well.  It sounds like it will be similar to PPD as far as the set-up.  I really thought it helped to do the case study first when I did PPD.  

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    Carmen Martinez (Edited )

    I wish I had study advice for anyone preparing, but I'm honestly lost on where I would have gone wrong in my preparation. I was very thrown off with the questions. After taking the practice exam from Ballast 5.0, I understood why I got those wrong. I felt this exam was all over the board and no clue what I would study if I had to retake this. I pray that I answered enough to pass but based on the study material, I thought I was going to see more questions regarding structural. There were maybe 3 questions that I can say were dead on to the content I would have expected. I did find the drag into place questions and the click on the drawing questions to be clear and concise. Cost estimating questions, I felt like I wasn't given enough information to understand how I should figure cost when I didn't have all the information. 

    I could use a break from studying, if anyone has advice based off of their exam on what could have been an added resource I've love to hear. I studied 4.0 material too.

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