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    Jessica Flake (Edited )


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    Richard Wilson (Edited )

    I'd like to point you both to my previous comment on another thread regarding timing.

    Also check out my Study Strategies if you need to consider re-taking this exam.

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    Ronald Batcher

    Since this is a very new release of the 5.0 exam I am sure there will be some future adjustments. One that should be taken into account is the duration of time allotted to complete the exam. With the "two minute" theory per question, some were quickly answered, many others far exceeded the "two minute" per question time assumption. Math problems, long examples, diagrams, scenarios all ate up time well past two minutes, some more than 5 depending on the material and references you have to sift through. Just finished the first exam Practice Management, skipped the break and still ran out of time to go back and answer flagged questions. Not sure how they came up with the time allotment, but if a question takes an hour to develop with references, diagrams, etc. it would be hard for the normal person looking at the information for the first time to answer the question in two minutes or less. If you are a slow test taker you will (in my opinion) have no chance of finishing in the time allowed. A person maybe able to know everything, but not allowing them enough time to answer when their career and license are riding on it is a lot to ask. This seems to be a very recurring theme, hopefully it is being noticed.

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    Matthew Chambers

    I just took this test and ran out of time as well. I had to guess on all of the questions to the second case study because I ran out of time. With the number of graphic questions and the amount of information that you have to dig through for the case studies, 2 minutes per question is nowhere near enough time

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