Fast-Track Scheduling vs Delivery Method



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    Jose Rodrigues

    Lauren, this is a good question, I also see "fast-track" as a delivery approach in the CMc delivery method.

    What AHPP version are you looking at? There is no chart regarding fast-track on page 441 fifteenth edition.

    I'm studying for PCM, Can anyone else shed some light on this?


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    David Kaplan (Edited )

    To offer my thoughts: it's really BOTH a scheduling method and a delivery method.  Fast-track projects are those that need to be built quickly (timing being the most paramount requirement for the project, likely moreso than budget).  Because of the expedited nature of the project, Architects issue the Construction Documents in stages, with construction occurring at the same time as drawing completion.  For example, we may issue a Foundation Package to get the guys in field digging, then perhaps a Site and Utility Package to get all underground utilities going and surrounding sitework, then a Shell Permit Package to get the building fully closed in, constructing shell elements like stairs and elevators, and the building roof/exterior walls, then finally say an Interiors Package that fully builds out the interior.

    The builder is nearly always on board from the start of the project (since construction occurs with drawings).  It could technically be both Design-Bid-Build or Design-Build, but more often than not the latter.  Because these projects require such close coordination with the contractor, often times Architects are hired by the GC (hence Design-Build).

    Hope this helps.

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