Took PDD yesterday: EXTREMELY slow software, need more time.



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    Tobin Simpson


    I agree I didn't run out of time but I felt very rushed, I only had time at the end to review two of my marked questions. In 4.0 I always had ample time at the end to review marked questions and I never felt like I was racing the clock. the time crunch with PDD will lead to silly mistakes. 

    The slow loading reference sheets really eat into testing time.    


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    Darci Lorensen

    I sat for PDD yesterday (2/23) in Iowa. I did not experience the extreme time lag others have. There was some, but it was usually just a a couple of seconds to load the reference material, and maybe a second between each question, just barely noticeable, and I don't think it impacted me all that much. If there had been more of a lag, however, it would have affected me. I took about 6 minutes of my break, I was able to review all of my flagged questions (about 20) and ended my exam with 3 minutes left.

    I did get frustrated with the case studies, mostly because it was hard to zoom and pan with such a small window, so on some questions, even though I knew where I should be looking, I gave up after a few minutes. Other questions on the case studies I didn't even need to reference the resources.  I guess we'll see what happens here in about 4 weeks.



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    Joshua Workman

    I had a similar experience this week, but the lag was minimal between questions. Loading the PDF references for the case study was miserable though. The case studies are at the end when time is already running short, so waiting 15-20 seconds for things to load every time I wanted to look at a plan or elevation was very nerve-wracking. The good news is that the case study questions aren't worth more than the regular questions, so you're much better off taking your time on the longer portion of the test and just getting rushed through the last 20 or so questions.

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    I agree with Remi, I just took the test this past weekend and my case study documents took a long time to zoom in. Another thing I noticed is every time you click zoom it jumps straight to 300%, so you have to go back to about 125% to make it visible. The questions that  have details are very small, these details cannot be zoomed so it was really hard to read. I also struggled with the time on the end, I had to guess the last few questions in order to make it through the end of the exam. 

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    Jeffrey Frederick


    It sounds like you said that you used your break time to review questions, is that correct?

    Are we able to review questions during our break?



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    Darci Lorensen


    No, I wasn't able to review questions during my break, I was just noting that I didn't take the full break amount. The computer screen is blanked out, so reviewing questions during break is not possible.

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