Time limit changes?



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    Ryan NCARB (Edited )


    NCARB has no expectations to change the time limits on any of the divisions of ARE 5.0 at this time.  However, that does not mean this isn't something we are continually monitoring.  The timing of the exam for each division is taken into consideration when the cut score is being established for each division.  If a particular division is "tight" for time, that is accounted for.  Each exam is also balanced for level of difficulty and speededness (timing) so that you don't receive one version of a division and the person next to you receive another version of the same division that is harder and takes longer.  That wouldn't be very fair.

    I recommend becoming familiar with the interface using the ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam and some of the recommended testing strategies for navigating the exam efficiently. 

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    Kyle O'Connell

    good info, thanks for the response Ryan. I felt PPD was timed appropriately, but I was nervous about PDD feedback. Glad to hear that the time limits are accounted for in the scoring. 

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