CE or PA??



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    Heather Taylor (Edited )

    I noticed this too half way through studying for PjM so I scheduled CE and studied for them both, hard and fast.  I took both PjM AND CE today. It was a pretty grueling day and I don't know if I would recommend it.  But in your case, you already took PcM and PjM so I would definitely suggest going to CE next. You have already studied for contracts so just dive a little deeper. Knowing about project delivery methods, who is responsible for what and insurance among other things will be in play for CE too.

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    Justin Crosby

    Thank you Heather for confirming my suspicion. Best of luck to you.


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    Arica Nevraumont

    I took Practice Management 2 weeks ago, PjM today and am scheduled to take CE in 2 weeks.  It seemed logical at the time I made the appointments.  There was a lot of overlap in study material/test questions in the first two exams and CE appears to be an extension of that.  


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