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    Darci Lorensen

    Alicia- Since PPD is finishing up the cut score process, the early tester incentives for that division ended yesterday. You can take advantage of the early tester incentives for PDD if that exam is scheduled and taken by the end of February. I believe the "rescheduling fees" you're referring to are the fees you'd have to pay to move the date of your already scheduled exam, correct?  I think the "rescheduling fees" NCARB is granting to early takers is the free seat credit if you fail your first attempt, not to move an already scheduled exam.

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    Joan NCARB (Edited )

    Hi Alicia,

    The information Customer Service provided was correct.  The rescheduling fees haven't been waived.  You have the option to pay to reschedule.  Although the early tester incentive for PPD is no longer available, the early tester incentives for other divisions are guaranteed through February 28.   

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    Alicia Bernardo

    Hi Darci and Joan,

    I had scheduled my last two exams PPD and PDD before the announcement of the incentives being over for PPD were posted.  I had PPD scheduled for end of February and PDD for the end of March.  I wanted to inquire about simply flip flopping the dates to be able to take advantage of the new extended incentives with the PDD exam.  I thought I recalled NCARB early on during a live webinar mentioning waiving rescheduling fees as part of the new 5.0, so I was excited to make an easy switch in my exam schedule.  As Joan has mentioned, NCARB has not waived these fees and I was a few days after the 30 days requirement which charged me a $60 fee.  I still went a head and did it, but I was truly hoping there may have been a change with the rescheduling fees.  Good to know for the future.  Thank you both for replying.  

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    Darci Lorensen

    Aw bummer! Well, if you've now scheduled PDD for before the end of February, at least you'll receive the $100 gift card to help offset the cost of having to move it, and get the free re-take if your attempt is not successful!

    Did you switch PPD also? From the looks of the test prep materials NCARB has released (and from the study materials I have purchased for both exams), there looks to be a lot of overlap between the two. If you feel prepared to take PDD this month, I'd think you'd be pretty set for PPD also. Sorry to rattle on haha, just trying to give you a bit of insight if you're now concerned about taking them close together. :) Happy studying!

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