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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi Heather,

    I am going to answer this one with some critical thinking that I think would help you in all of your ARE 5.0 exams.

    • Obviously any one you choose has a chance to appear on the exam so let's find the one that probably packs the most punch
    • AGtSFM focuses on small firms only which is valuable, but limiting since only part of the exam may be relevant to firm size, and only part of that part may be specifically about small firms.
    • BIM and Integrated Design: Traditionally the ARE has shied away from software specific content (for example: The ARE 4.0 case studies not having any resemblance to any sensible software we've ever seen). It is quite a hurdle to overcome and make a clear, compelling question. One can expect that BIM questions will most likely be quite shallow in nature. 
    • Law for Architects: The main reason we have this exam is to be able to navigate our roles in the professional environment. This book does that. If you can answer questions about the architect's responsibilities (contractually is important too), firm legal responsibilities, risks, and mitigation methods throughout the various delivery methods, you'll be well off.
    • Professional Practice: A Guide: This one reads like the newbies guide to doing architecture. There really isn't much core knowledge presented.

    To sum all of that up:

    I would suggest a focus on Law for Architects. Not only is this more likely to help you in your exam, but it'll be a better resource for preparing you to be an effective architect in the real world. If you are significantly inexperienced with any kind of practice management, maybe start with Professional Practice: A Guide. You could read the whole thing in one sitting.

    An alternative to more literary content would be an audio/visual summary of the material. I produce coursework for that could help with that from a review standpoint.

    Good luck!

    Kevin Griendling, AIA

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    Heather Taylor


    Thank you for the thoughtful response.  I think I will get the Law for architects especially because it is pretty cheap compared to some of the other materials.

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